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Add a comment December 5, 2009

One more day ’til autumn :(

I hate to see the summer end.  It means that it won’t be long before all the flowers die off and everything in Maryland turns brown.  Last year the flowers actually stayed pretty nice until the middle of November, I’m hoping for the same this year!  It is getting cooler though for sure.  It was down in the 40’s last night ~ I guess I’d better keep watching the weather forcast for frost warnings so that I can bring in the plants I want to “try” to keep for next year.  I collected more seeds today, mostly impatients ~ now that I know about the seed pods on them.  I can’t believe that I’ve been planting impatients for over 20 years and never noticed the seed pods.  They are just like the pods on my Balsam impatiens.  I guess I always thought they were just a bloom that hadn’t opened yet.  Hopefully, I won’t have to purchase any next year~ I’ll just grow my own!  I took a few photos today:IMG_2644IMG_2652IMG_2661IMG_2663

I think the cosmos and cleomes look so pretty together!  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some seeds from the Cleome for next year.  A patient of mine, who is a retired science teacher and an avid gardener told me that the Cleome (pronounced “Clee-oh-mee”) are from the tobacco family.  He said that in tobacco fields they save one plant to use for the seeds for the entire crop the next year!  Hopefully that will be the same w/ this plant.  Well, one more day of my 4 day weekend 😦 but the sun is supposed to shine all day and rain at night!  What a perfect day ~ can’t wait!

Add a comment September 21, 2009

A beautiful day!

Wow, what gorgeous weather we’ve been having in Maryland lately.  It seems fall has already creeped in;  cool mornings, warm days and cool evenings!  I ordered a couple books on seeds through ~ big mistake, from now on, I think I’ll ckeck out the books in person before buying.  One of the books I ordered was called “Seeds”, sounded like something educational ~ it was, but maybe for a  child.  I guess I’ll give it to my 2.5 year old neice for Christmas.  She’s used to getting gardening gifts from me!  The other book seems to be geared for vegetable gardening more so than flowers.  It’s not that I don’t do any vegetable gardening, but my passion is w/ flower gardening.  I ordered a third book which hasn’t come yet.  It’s on pollinating.  Hopefully I’ll learn something from that one.  If anyone has knows of a good book on seed collecting, please let me know.   I’m just kind of winging it with what I’ve done so far.  Some flowers are easy to collect seeds from but others are a little more difficult.  It’s just trial and error for me this year.  I still haven’t been able to catch the male ruby-throated hummingbird on camera yet.  I did get a few new ones of the females.IMG_2635IMG_2637IMG_2640

 I’m enjoying all the new blooms in my gardens; mums, asters, golden rod and snakeroot.  I’ll try to add some new photos soon.   I planted 6 giant alliums today!  Sure hope the squirrels don’t find them.  I bought the “Awesome auger” last year at Target.  What a great tool that is.  It hooks  up to the power drill and w/in minutes, all the holes are dug and ready to be filled!  I’m learning that bulb flowers  look better when planted in groups instead of indiviually.  Get out there and get those bulbs planted soon!

Add a comment September 20, 2009

Seed collecting

I’ve been collecting seeds from many of my plants: Cosmos, Zinnias, Mallows, Coral Nymph Salvias, Balsam impatiens, and a few others. I really enjoy getting to share my seeds w/ friends and family so that they have a part of my gardens to enjoy in their own gardens! I’m off from work for the next 4 days and am hoping for beautiful weather so that I can spend lots of time outside! I’m going to try to get a photo of the male Ruby-throated hummingbird that’s been hanging around lately. He seems less afraid of me than the girls are. I’m hoping to entice the hummingbirds to nest in the shrubs near my porch next spring by hanging nesting material in my lilac bush. One of our patients showed us a photo he’d taken on his phone of a hummingbird nest that was built on top of a little windchime on a porch. It had one little “tic tac” size egg in it! It was really amazing~ I’d love to get some of my own! Enjoy all the beautiful fall flowers that are starting to bloom! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Time to start dividing!!!

Yes, it’s time to start dividing those overgrown plants to fill up holes in other places or to share w/ friends!  I divided catmint, hostas, and  yarrow this weekend and planted the seedlings I started inside a month or so ago.  The seedings are from a small shrub that my neighbor has.  I have no idea what they are, but she said they get beautiful purple blooms on them in the spring ~ I guess if they make it, I’ll have some investigating to do.  It’s also time to cut back some of the plants that are finished blooming and are dying off.  I cut back several of my coreopsis and peonies, and trimmed up my yarrow, daisies, dianthus, and mallow.  I’m still collecting seeds from my salvia, balsam impatiens, zinnias, mallows, cosmos and hollyhocks.  I’ll have lots of them to share w/ friends!  I finally took a picture of my cleome (spider flower) to share.Cleome (Spider flower)Cosmos andcleome

I pass a home on my way to work that has these cleome on both sides of her front sidewalk, from the road all the way to her front porch.  There must be 24 or more of them!They are just amazing.  Tje second photo shows  my cosmos, they are as tall as me this year!  My grandmother would love them! They were one of her favorites. 

 The weather has been absolutely beautiful this week~it makes it so much more enjoyable to be working outside.  Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful time of year, where ever you may live!  Tomorrow will be a good day to just sit back and enjoy my gardens ~ that’s my favorite part ~ sitting on the front porch or the back patio, just watching the birds and the beauty of the gardens!  It’s so relaxing.   I hope everyone has a wonderful labor day holiday~

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Rainy days~

I’ve been busy w/ the first week back to school for my son (10th grade) so I haven’t had much time for blogging!  I promise to get back on track this weekend!  Thanks for checking in!  It’s raining!!!!!

Add a comment August 28, 2009

Larspur seeds from Miss Betty

A patient of mine gave me Larkspur seeds around this time last year.  She was in today for her dental cleaning and I was able to return the favor.  I gave her seeds from my Coral Nymph Salvia and my Balsam Impatiens.  I also printed out a picture of her larkspur growing in my garden. Larkspur These are from the seeds I sprinkled there in the fall of last year ~ they bloomed in the  late spring.  I have some little ones coming up now (about 6″-12″) from seeds that I sprinkled in other areas in the spring.  It’s nice to have a second chance to enjoy these beauties!  This is one of my favorite pictures from my gardens.  I acutally had business type cards made up and used this !  I have uploaded my garden picutures onto the computer in my operatory and use them as my screen saver.  My patients really seem to enjoy them! 

It was extremely hot and humid today.  I wanted to work outside when I got home tonight but it was just too uncomfortable.  Luckily I have off from Friday through Monday this weekend and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous!  I will get alot done on Friday so that I can enjoy the rest of the weekend.  I did take a walk around my flowerbed this evening before it got too dark and noticed that my “Cleome” or “Spider flower” is going crazy w/ new buds!!!  Why does this excite me, you ask…well, the fact that I sprinkled more than 1000 seeds in a variety of areas and only 1 came up, is why I’m excited about this plant.  I’m not sure if all the rain we had this spring, just washed them away or rotted them, or if the birds got them.   I’ve never grown them before but I’ve seen them in a yard that I pass on my way to work.  They are really pretty and different.IMG_2153This was when it just began blooming.   It has 3 additional buds starting now.  Hopefully that means lots of seeds for next year!

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My favorite gardening tool!

Colorful Tubtrug, 7 Gallon These tub trugs are my favorite gardening tool.  I actually have 3 large ones, 1 medium and 1 small one, and use all of them often.  They are great to use while deadheading and cleaning up your gardens and for holding a multitude of things.  I fill them with potting soil, compost,  water, etc.  I even set them all out on rainy days to collect water!  I use the smaller one for bailing water out of my fountain when I need to clean it!  They are very flexible!  In the fall, I use them to collect leaves and catch shredded leaved under my leaf shredder ~ which leads to my new favorite gardening toy!  Deluxe Electric Leaf Shredder  This past spring, I collected leaves, shredded them, mixed them w/ topsoil and spread it over my gardens.  A month or so later, I mulched all my beds w/ black dyed wood mulch.  I plan on putting more shredded leaves on in the fall.  I live in the woods, so I NEVER run out of leaves.  I purchased these items from Gardeners Supply Company ~  I have had alot of success ordering from this company, so I definitely recommend it.  Although,  I did buy a couple of the larger tub trugs at Target for a much lower cost~ they were  almost identical.    Well, that’s my tip for the day! 

 Great rain today!!!

2 comments August 19, 2009

Interesting tip for Geraniums!

I didn’t get to play in my gardens today ~ vacation over and back to reality.  I sure missed it too!  I had to water everything tonight  because it was extremely hot today and alot of my plants looked very thirsty.  I know it’s best to water in the morning, but it takes about an hour to water and I don’t have that kind of time before work.  Anyway, back to my tip for geraniums:  You “supposedly” can dig up your geraniums, shake of the excess dirt and place them in a paper lunch bag, put  them in your basement (or another cool dark place) and in the spring just cut them back and  replant them after the threat of frost is gone.  I’m going to give it a try!  I’ll let you know how it works.  I remember my grandmother bringing in her geraniums  (they were all in pots) and setting  them in her huge bay window in the kitchen.  She would baby them all winter and put them back out the following spring.  She could keep anything alive!  What an inspiration she was…


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Time to start saving seeds for next year!

I’ve been collecting the seeds from some of my plants already.  The most fun ones to collect are from my Balsam Impatiens.  They are an old fashioned, not very common, self-seeding impatiens.  Once the plant is finished blooming, little seed pods form.  Once they are ripe, they will just POP and expel all the seeds!  I posted a quick video in “My Flicker photos of this! Balsam seed pods IMG_2598 

Zebrinia Mallow: ZebriniaMallow Z. Mallow seed pods

SalviaSalvia Salvia seeds  I will save these seeds to share with my family and friends for next spring!  I still need to read up on “cleaning” seeds ~ so far these types have done well w/o cleaning them.  Enough time sitting at the computer… time to go play in my garden!

3 comments August 16, 2009



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